3 March 2012

Do You Have The Time?

The general public seems to think that I am some sort of information booth.
I stand at a bus stop and get asked about various things,
Like whether a certain bus has passed by recently
Or if a certain bus will take you somewhere particular
Or how to get to some place in less time than they have.
And I always seem to have the answer.  The right one.
I also get asked for the time. A lot.
This is a nuisance because I do not wear a wrist watch.
So I have to find my phone, which seems to be inaccessible when I need it.
That annoys me. And I pout when I’m annoyed. Not on purpose.
I like standing at the bus stop, even when I have nowhere to go.
It is nice to have a conversation with people.
Even if it is just to give them information that I’m not sure how I came to possess.

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