30 December 2012

How To Break My Heart - Another Step by Step Guide

Step One:
  • Hop into bed with your ex. 
  • Decide it’s a ‘mistake’. 
  • Act like nothing ever happened.
Step Two:
  • Lie to me. 
  • Promise me a future. 
  • For five whole months. 
Step Three:
  • Let your ex treat me like shit. 
  • Watch me fall apart. 
  • Don’t do anything about it. 
Step Four:
  • Confess when I confront you. 
  • Use a poor excuse or three. 
  • Pretend like it’s all just dandy. 
Step Five:
  • Parade your ex. 
  • Act like she’s far more important than me. 
  • Swear it’s ‘friendship’ that matters while swearing all you want is for me to be happy. 
Step Six:
  • Watch me fall apart some more. 
  • Watch us fall apart. 
  • Swear you love me some more. 
  • Say goodbye. 

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