21 December 2012

How To Write a Fairy Tale (& Lose Faith in Happily Ever After)

Imagine the kind of life you’ve always wanted
Fill it with good things
Smiles and laughter and intertwining fingers
Write it down in cursive with your favourite pen in your favourite journal
Hide it away in the one place no one will ever find it
Tell yourself it’s not for you, best to forget
You’re more of the happily-never-after type anyway
Kiss a lot of very ugly frogs
Never think about Prince Charming
Though you’re quite sure you might have met him
Once Upon a Time
Kiss another frog and find a Prince Charming
Remember that fairy tale you wrote way back when 
Live it, love it
Prince Charming turns out to be a good looking frog
Who’s just as slimy as the ones that came before
This is the part where the clock strikes midnight and you
Leaving nothing but a broken heart behind 

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  1. I LOVE this. I will use this the next time I work on writing a story. Thank you. :-)


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