28 October 2013

Oh. Hi.

I haven't posted here in a while, but apparently you guys are still reading my words. i'd totes like to shrug and be all whatevs about it all, but it feels pretty damn good that you guys are still out there and still reading me. cause let's be honest, that's what this was all about wasn't it really? it was for me to word vomit and be all egotistical and cry for attention and whatnots and for you guys to indulge poor little Tim and make her feel better about her sad and pathetic existence.

'cept, only, it's not so sad or pathetic or little anymore

i still fall in love too easily with the wrong things at the wrong times, and i still write heartachingly broken things and sometimes i still cry and sometimes they still only tell me i'm beautiful when i'm naked

but mostly i smile a lot and laugh and i'm in love with the right one at the right time

but who knows maybe i'll still write pathetically heartbreaking things every once in a while


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