16 April 2012

For Now

I wish I had the courage to say
All of the things I want to
But I am afraid, so afraid
That you will not want to hear them

I want to tell you that you
Are all that I can think of
That you are the first who has
Made me feel truly alive

I want to tell you that you
Are everything I have ever dreamed of
That you are perfect in every
Single little thing you do

I want to tell you that
I love you, want you , need you
More than anything I have
Ever loved, wanted, needed before

But I am not yet brave enough
Or sure enough, to speak these words
Out loud, to you, in person or writing
So I shall hold my tongue

                        For now


  1. Just found your site today. Am slowly reading through your writing. This one is beautiful... and also exactly what I'd like to say to someone.

    Am linking you in a blog post... hope you don't mind.


  2. I love your prose. I would love to create a poster and post it on my site. Let me know your thoughts. :-), Susan Cooper

    PS: From SD

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much! I would be more than happy for you to create a poster with it!

    2. Great! I will work on it this week-end. How do I send you a copy? Please advise.

    3. You can email me on timonysouler@gmail.com :)

  3. Hi I have come over from a Simple Dude no that doesn't sound right I mean "The Simple Dude" not that he is a simple dude ok I will move on now as this is like digging a hole for myself and if I am not careful I will dig it so deep I will not be able to get out............Now this is a wonderful piece of writing I enjoyed this you have a bit talent but I am sure you have heard that before..............I will be back.........


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