10 June 2012

Birthday Wishes

It’s my birthday today
Yet another unremarkable year
(I lie - this year had some interesting moments)
It was a relatively good day
(Apart from the age old
‘You should be married by now’
conversation with various peoples)
My best friends wished me all the best
Wrote me stories and sent me hugs
And promises of nice things
I got presents from my darling childlings
(And the chocolatiest cake ever
And banners and balloons)
But it all seems pointless
Because you weren’t around
(Even though I wished for you
When I blew out all those candles)


  1. Birthdays are awesome no matter how old I get I still love mine as the age I am and the age I feel are often different........I also love chocolate cake who am I kidding I love cake all cake more or less........don't like carrot cake...........lol

  2. Love the present I get. Age is part of having birthday, oh well can have it all.

    FYI; I have given you an award you so check this attached link.


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