14 April 2012

re: World of Warcraft

You're different than the others I've known
You're more than I expected
You're more than I wanted
You're everything I ever needed
It's funny how that happens
When you least expect it
I won't ask you why though
I'm tired of questions
Let's be WoW boyfriend & girlfriend?


  1. I had a girlfriend years ago who was addicted to EverQuest. Amazingly enough given how many pen and paper RPGs I've played, I never got into the whole MMORPG thing! Anyway, great work as usual. :-)

  2. Having a WoW boyfriend is the best. Lots of talking, something to do in common, and you don't have to clean up after them! (Unless you are a healer, and they are a tank... or you are a tank, and they are a mage.) ;-)

    Great poem. Very fun.

  3. nyawwww oh goodness I remember back in the day when I had my WoW boyfriend. This brings good feelings to my heart, sweetie. <3


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